Know Muscle Dystrophy, Abnormalities in Muscle Threatening Life

Muscular dystrophy is a form of muscle disorder. In general, muscular dystrophy is caused by genetic disorders inherited from parents to children, even though the father or mother does not experience any symptoms. However, muscular dystrophy can also be the result of an inherited genetic mutation. The human body consists of various types of muscles, each of which has a different role. These muscles allow the body to move and make humans move. Any abnormality in the muscles can interfere with the body's performance and be fatal. This disorder generally causes muscle pain, weakness, or even paralysis. Abnormalities in muscles can be caused by various factors, such as injuries, inflammation, infections, neurological diseases, side effects of drugs consumed, cancer, genetic disorders, and other unknown causes. Muscle dystrophy is a type of muscle disorder caused by genetic disorders. Main Types of Muscle Dystrophy One of the abnormalities in the muscles caused by genetic factors
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